Welcome to the Ikariam Imperius Alliance Rules Forum.

Here you can post notes on new rules and provide your opinion on different things. Here are the Ikariam Imperius Alliance Rules:

Although the alliance itself is more than willing to accept new ideas from members and candidates, we base ourself proudly around several key morals and rules that will ensure a prosperous time for members, external alliances, and Imperius as a whole.

A) There is to be absolutely NO inter-alliance military/hostile conflict (eg. one player pillaging another for disputed resources) between two or more players, if it is not sanctioned or approved by the Alliance.

B) Outer-alliance military activity (eg. pillaging of another player) must not take place without the Alliance having been forewarned. Such action can only take place with the full consent and approval of the leader(s) of IMP. (Actions include: retaliation - pillaging - threat related conflict - etc...)

C) Members must display courtesy, respect and friendship to themselves and others in the alliance at ALL times (eg. no offensive language, unfair trade agreements, economic blockades etc.)

If you have any new ideas, feel free to post a message or thread.