Welcome to the Imperius (IMP),


The Imperius Alliance represents a new type of gathering for gamers in Ikariam, World My.

With a basis on the aid and development of junior members, we are (collectively) a friendly group who join together for friendship, support, protection, and, most simply, fun.

All new members are very welcome at all times, please feel free to join and to meet a group who aren't afraid to band together and aid eachother in times of crisis.

Here is the link to the Forum:


This alliance prides itself on order, and, as such, a set level of ranks apply to members. By working hard to help others and yourself, as well as displaying courtesy, pride and dedication in the way that you conduct yourself, anyone can climb this "ladder" of achievements. It is in this section that the ranking system for our alliance is displayed - Good Luck!

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT think that ranks and titles divide up the rights and priveleges afforded to members. One of the key mottos of this Alliance is: "Everyone is Equal". Whether you are a Recruit or a Minister, feel free to talk to ANYONE in this alliance, we are always willing to take in new ideas and to just help eachother out...

- Leader (x1)
- Diplomat - General - Home Secretary (x1 each)
- Specialist Ministers (x1 per field)
- Primary Ministers (x2)
- Advisors (x6)
- Staff Sergeants (x?)*
- Member (x?)*
- Initiate (x?)*
- Recruit (x?)*

*(Unspecified amount of position holders)

LEADER: The overall head of Imperius, and (currently) its founder. The Leader is tasked with ensuring the overall wellbeing of the Alliance and its members.

DIPLOMAT/GENERAL/HOME SECRETARY: These form the 3 ranks of the Leader's "direct" advisors. They represent the military, diplomatic and recruitment sectors of the Alliance and are essentially "second-in-command".

SPECIALIST MINISTERS: Primary Ministers who prove especially adept in certain fields of gaming(e.g. Research Minister, etc...). These players are placed in ranks that utilise their most efficient abilities, so as to help other players, and the Alliance as a whole, grow and prosper in more "expert" areas of play. They are a fantastic supplement to those wishing for "variety" in their experience(s).

PRIMARY MINISTERS: These are experienced, knowledgable players who guide groups of members, providing wisdom and general knowledge. They serve as "Officials" and "Advisors" for the 3 (4) Imperius Leaders (e.g. Leader, Diplomat, General, Home-Secretary).

SECONDARY MINISTERS: These are the direct sub-ordinates of Primary Ministers, and assist with the overlooking of the members and relaying higher level orders/information to the lower ranks.

ADVISORS: A group of 6 experienced players that gather together other's ideas and present them to the higher ranks. Advisors are PARTICULARLY effective for when you are putting in a new idea for the Alliance.

STAFF SEARGENTS: Alliance members who have shown particular loyalty and dedication in their service towards Imperius. They are players who guide other members and help with menial tasks and inter-group duties.

MEMBER: The "average" level, a player who has been accepted into the Alliance and who has proven themselves committed.

INITIATE: Newly-recruited players who have yet to advance towards "Member" (often players below 1000 points), they must first prove committed and maintain solid inclusion for (atleast) 1-2 weeks.

RECRUIT: Players who have applied for a position in the Alliance but who have not yet been "accepted". (This is a term of "reference", not an official post.)

PROMOTIONS & DEMOTIONS: In this Alliance, we don't judge people and their ranks according to points. Instead, we monitor all members and determine who deserves to be rewarded for certain actions. Some promotions, however, can be awarded as a result of a separate "scale". For example, whilst you may need to CONDUCT yourself in a fair manner in order to be promoted from "Member" to "Staff Seargent", an "Initiate", simply has to prove themselves as a dedicated, active player in Imperius by remaining a part of the Alliance for a period of (atleast) 1 week(s) to 1 month. Likewise, bad behaviour (eg. insulting another member) can result in demotions or even (in the most extreme cases) expulsion from the Alliance/banning.


Although the alliance itself is more than willing to accept new ideas from members and candidates, we base ourself proudly around several key morals and rules that will ensure a prosperous time for members, external alliances, and Imperius as a whole.

1) There is to be absolutely NO inter-alliance military/hostile conflict (eg. one player pillaging another for disputed resources) between two or more players, if it is not sanctioned or approved by the .

2) Outer-alliance military activity (eg. pillaging of another player) must not take place without the having been forewarned.

3) Members must display courtesy, respect and friendship to themselves and others in the alliance at ALL times (eg. no offensive language, unfair trade agreements, economic blockades etc.)


We are a Peaceful Alliance, but if threatened will retaliate if necessary. We would much prefer to work diplomatically and are a 'neutral' alliance that takes no part in any wars. If one of our members is attacked though, we will assist them. We do not operate on 1 vs. 1 scenario.


This is more than willing to accept new members from a variety of backgrounds and situations, therefore, we have relatively few requirements. However, in the interests of allowing you and other members of the alliance to take full advantage of such agreements, it would help if:

- You have more than 500 points.

- Have a growing general score.

- Are an active player with the willingness and/or ability to aid other alliance members in times of crisis.

- Are willing to abide by the rules and morals that this (and Ikariam) upholds.


This Alliance requires dedication in order to grow and prosper. As such, although members should be willing to help out economically if possible, the group DOES NOT tolerate ANY "leechers", people who only ASK and don't HELP.
In regards to the above passage, feel free to STILL ask for support when you need it, but commit to helping others as well. Also, in order to help EVERYONE, a MINIMUM of 500 wood should be donated to the "sawmill(s)" and/or luxury good sources (e.g. vineyard) on your capital's island. This helps World My to grow as a whole and also preaches responsibility and support.


Applications are open to the Imperius Alliance but when applying, must be aware of the requirements needed to join. If you would like to join the Imperius Alliance you will need to go to your Embassy, search for the Imperius Alliance (IMP) and then click the two hands shaking icon on the page under the Imperius Alliance. This will then take you to the message page where you should proceed to write your application letter and then send it to the Imperius Alliance by clicking the send button. Your application will then be processed and if you have met all the requirements, should become a member of the Imperius Alliance. Please be aware that it can take up to a week to process applications and for the Imperius Alliance to confer a decision on your application request.

Thankyou for taking the time to look at our Alliance page and we hope to see you in the Imperius Alliance.